Polaroid Kid

Polaroid Kid


Publisher: Stanley / Barker

“Polaroid Kid” is a collection of 50 faithfully reproduced polaroids shot by American photographer Mike Brodie.

In 2004, Brodie (b. 1985) found an abandoned Polaroid camera and used it to document his journeys across North America as a freighthopper. In search of a less ordinary life, Brodie photographed the tight-knit communities of punks, hobos and lifestyle artists he met and befriended. His photographic work has been lauded by critics and peers, such as Alec Soth (“I really wanted to dislike this book, but I was completely won over by the pictures”).

“The 50 polaroids are presented in a bespoke silkscreened grey-board case, fastened by a heavy gauge elastic band - a design inspired by the punk ethos that the people pictured lived by, and the utilitarian train cars in which they ride.”
― from the publisher’s description

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170 × 130 mm
50 pages
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