Ihei Kimura - Afterimage of Paris 1950s

Ihei Kimura - Afterimage of Paris 1950s


Publisher:  CREVIS


1950s Paris in Color

Shortly after the end of the war, travelling abroad was a difficult endeavour in Japan, and Paris, the world capital of art, was a destination that belonged to world of dreams.
In 1954, his Leica camera loaded with state-of-the-art Japanese color film, Kimura’s heartfelt desire to visit Paris came true.
There, he met photographers such as Henry Cartier-Bresson and Robert Doisneau, and could witness the everyday drama of ordinary people in the high streets and business quarters of a lively Paris.
"Afterimage of Paris 1950s" collects 117 of his Paris impressions - color photos that are exceptional within the Kimura’s body of work.

The famous charme of a golden Paris comes back to life.

— from the publisher’s statement (translation by shashasha)


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