My family is a pubis so I cover them in pretty panties


My family is a pubis so I cover them in pretty panties

Motoyuki DAIFU

Publisher: Little Big Man

Back at the start of the project, I penned the following words:

“I come from a family of seven. The living room in my parents’ home is in constant disarray, with laundry left to dry indoors due to the lack of space on the balcony.

The dining table is cluttered with leftover food and condiments, while the kitchen sink overflows with dirty dishes.

The house is scattered with my siblings’ unwashed clothes and unfolded laundry strewn across the floor. My mother sleeps amidst this chaos, exhausted, with a face full of makeup.

Meanwhile, my little brother loses his temper after my cheeky fourth-grade sister runs rampant around the piles of clothes, causing fights to break out. My father, unfazed, tends to the house chores, washing dishes, and cleaning up alone. My mother hardly does any chores around the house. She can’t cook either, so everyone leaves food on their plate when she does.

In spite of this, my mother cooks more food than the family needs, leaving her to finish everything by herself.”

This body of work, beginning in 2005 and spanning 13 years, documents my family home in the suburbs of Yokohama, capturing the intimate dynamics of the family as seen through the eyes of an outside observer.

― Motoyuki Daifu

Keywords: Family


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278 × 232 mm
136 pages
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Limited Edition

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