To Be Bewitched by a Fox Special Edition (#62)

Special EditionSigned

To Be Bewitched by a Fox Special Edition (#62)


Publisher: Seigensha

Book + Special Box + Signed Original Print

This special edition contains all works from the thirteen series featured in Tomoko Sawada’s first major solo exhibition “To Be Bewitched By A Fox” at the Tokyo Photographic Museum (March – May, 2021).

The more than 1500 pages of this special edition are housed in a book whose spine exceeds 10 centimeters in height, turning the book itself into a rarely seen work of craftsmanship. Each image from Sawada’s series (Reflection, Kageboshi, Bloom, Facial Signature, Sign, This is who I am, Decoration/Face, Masquerade, Recruit, glasses, cover/Face, ID400, untitled) is allowed its own page to give the works the necessary space to breath and bewitch its viewer. Sawada’s works, often featuring the artist herself as the photographic subject, form a complex play about (self-)portraiture, (self-)expression, repetition, masks, truths and societal expectations.
Essays by photography historian Madoka Yuki, visual communication professor Marco Bohr and TOP Museum curator Miyuki Endo add further information and context about her work.

“Sawada approaches her subject matter (herself) in ways that are rather comparable to the Bechers’ visual typology: an almost obsessive attention towards a singular subject matter with the effect of creating structure and order in an otherwise chaotic world.”
― from Marco Bohr’s essay “Tomoko Sawada and the Production of the ‘Self’”

Each copy of the book includes an original signed print from Sawada's "Reflection" series (each print limited to an edition of 1). All texts in Japanese and English.

Please note that due to the hand-crafted nature of the box and the unusual weight of the publication itself, there may be slight tears in the support columns that prop up the book inside the box.
Please see the respective photographs included in the image gallery above for more information and do not hesitate to contact shashasha if you have any questions.


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Book Size
154 × 110 × 105 mm
1552 pages
Publication Year
English, Japanese
Limited Edition

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