Takashi Homma has turned his lens toward urban center of Tokyo and its environs since the middle of 1990s.
His own cool viewpoint to capture landscape made his mark as one of well-known photographers in Japan.
The unique distance from the subjects by 4×5 format camera with quick shutters leading a kind of tense gets through to the reality.
In recent years he visits many places worldwide and his field of vision broadened in nature, such as oceans, mountains, and more.

This book introduces his new works to catch traces of deer hunting in the deep, snowy mountains.
He solely continues to trail traces of red blood in white snow that goes up steep slopes and across a river.
Each scene like an abstract painting on canvas involves some dramas of humans and their targets as same as Homma’s clear photographs of cities involve confusion of lives and people.

Keywords: Nature Conceptual


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Book Size
285 x 300 mm
24 pages, 15 photo reproductions
Publication Date
Limited Edition
M label No.9

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Takashi HOMMA

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Takashi HOMMA

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